May 3, 2021

The ATORA Training Method

The ATORA Training Method

Born on the foundations of evidence-based strength and conditioning principles, The ATORA philosophy of training is a simple one - To build strong, capable and resilient humans.

Programming and Periodization

Programming is structured through a Conjugate Model. Simply put, this means we never purely focus on one area of fitness at a time. Training centres on pushing the boundaries of strength and general physical preparedness (GPP) to build individuals who are fit, strong and ready for anything.

We do this through programming training into 12 Week Blocks, known as Macrocycles -  these are divided into 3 x 4 Week Phases labelled Mesocycles.

These Mesocycles consist of :

  • ENDURANCE week
  • STRENGTH week
  • METCON week
  • HYBRID (Strength + Power) week

Each 12 week phase concludes with a Maintenance Week leading in to PEAK Week. This allows training to be tapered to the desired intensity and allow the body to adequately recover leading into a true test of your best performance.

Why do we test?

The age old saying of ‘What gets measured, gets managed’ rings true in The ATORA Training philosophy. In order to identify the results in your fitness, at the end of each 12 week phase, Peak Week is used to periodically evaluate your own performance in order to show your progression. It’s a chance to put together all of the hard work you’ve put in throughout the 12 weeks and see how you match up against your previous results from the last phase.


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