May 3, 2021

Train hard. Recover harder.

Train hard. Recover harder.

Training at a consistent intensity takes time to build up to, it’s known as your Work Capacity. As you build up your work capacity you’ll notice that your rate of recovery improves and your resilience to a training load increases - this causes adaptation in your energy systems, improving both strength and endurance.

Just like any training, improving your work capacity takes time, so make sure you're doing all that you can to recover optimally between sessions.

Some tips to help the process of recovery along:

  • Keep the body moving - blood flow to sore muscles will provide much needed oxygen and nutrients to flush out lactic acid.
  • Get some Z’s - Lock away some good quality sleep each night to optimise the body's time spent at rest.
  • Nutrition - Stock up on your daily protein intake - it doesn't matter what time you consume it, just aim for good quality natural sources.
  • Stretch - If you’re often found at a desk or in a car for long periods, it’s easy to stiffen up in bad posture due to soreness. Take time to stretch through full range movements to keep your joints moving freely.
  • Release - Foam roller, remedial massage, theragun, foot rubs from your partner… However you’re able to do it, massaging sore muscle groups provides friction which enables muscle fibres to warm up, loosen and move more freely. Cooling down ineffectively will cause muscle fibres to remain contracted and form knots in the tissue - use massage as a method to iron these out to keep soreness at bay.


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