May 3, 2021

Training for Longevity

Training for Longevity

Specifically when it comes to resistance training, it’s what we do daily that lay the foundations that will see accumulative progression in your strength. Weakness is your worst enemy. It will lead to faster mechanical breakdown, cause pain more readily and leave you vulnerable to injury. Being strong will bulletproof your body and its function to perform.

Strength should be built from the ground up and goes hand in hand with mobility. Lay the foundations of becoming mobile with movement, then use resistance to add load and cause adaptation.

The benefits of improving the cardiovascular system...

Are well prescribed throughout the narrative of our daily lives. A well functioning cardiac system is the engine to our bodies ability to perform the daily basics, with weakness leading to detrimental effects to our all round health and wellbeing. Just like Strength, progression stems from laying the foundations of progressive endurance training. Intensity, volume and frequency all play a vital role in the development of your fitness. Start with the basics of controlled quality movement, gradually build the intensity, and then increase the frequency of training.

No matter where you are in your training journey, a strong base foundation of strength and stamina will greatly increase your General Physical Preparedness (GPP) meaning you’re ready to take on anything.


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